Safety and quality

Safe food supplementation

The production of ProPrems® complies with GMP standards (FDA GMP; 21 CFR Part 111) and European food law (HACCP). The single-portion packaging eliminates the risk of contamination before use. The bacterial strains are stable at room temperature for two years. Additionally, the strains do not contain antibiotic-resistant genes.

Before production

  • Disinfection of room
  • Environmental testing for Salmonella, Listeria, Sakazaakii

During production

  • Increased awareness of contamination risk
  • Extensive analyses for contaminants

After production

  • Extensive analyses for contaminantes
  • Environmental testing for Salmonella, Listeria, Sakazaakii

Strict manufacturing hygiene

Our partner Chr. Hansen is a world-leading manufacturer of bacterial cultures. Production lines are strictly controlled. Rigorous quality standards and hygiene measures are in place to achieve a very high manufacturing quality.

Rigorous quality control

In each step during the manufacturing, ProPrems® is tested against a wide panel of microbial contaminants.

All required quality criteria are met at every checkpoint. If not, the batch is discarded and manufacturing is re-started from scratch.