Safe support of the intestinal microbiota

Do you also need a safe probiotics product for your infants? ProPrems® is developed and designed for neonatal care. Manufacturing quality control is rigorous and the composition is supported by independent research.

One billion freeze-dried bacteria:
Bifidobacterium infantis (BB-02™)
Bifidobacterium lactis (BB-12®)
Streptococcus thermophilus (TH-4®)

For many years, neonatal staff lacked a high-quality probiotics product. We founded Neobiomics to solve this problem. We are glad that ProPrems® is now supporting preterm infants throughout Europe.
Stefan Johansson

Safety and quality

Developed for NICUs

ProPrems® is based on independent research, with unique strain stability and high-end manufacturing.
  • Manufactured according to GMP
  • Production lines authorised for pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Single-dose packaged to avoid contamination
  • Documented strain stability in room temperature
  • Eliminated risk for transfer of antibiotic resistant genes

Research references

Composition based on research

The composition in ProPrems® is documented in independent RCTs including more than 1,200 infants born before week 32.

User instruction

Safe and simple to use

ProPrems® is single-dose packaged in sachets for easy supplementation and to practically eliminate the risk of contamination. We recommend supplementation with one sachet per day, dissolved in 3ml of liquid. Vera Westin, PhD neonatal dietician, assists and answers any potential questions during a implementation.


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